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Why do we need to paint and the painting tools?

The most important and most vital concept that comes to our mind is- why do we need to paint the walls and is it necessary? So, why do we paint, is it because it makes the walls pretty and attractive, but then again there are so many other options are available to express and décor the walls or is it the creative side that urge and is it some science that dominance the brain to show or express the creative side? and what is the process of painting?

Well, we are not expressing or discussing the science here as that is out of focus for us. But the main reasons can be described as follows:

  1. To décor the Interior and exterior of a home
  2. To add protective layers
  3. Ease of cleaning

The paints play a vital role in terms of décor and make the walls safer and attractive to look at and make it easier for the residents to clean it (Depend on the nature of the paint).

So, let’s just discuss the concepts in details:

  1. Decoration to Interiors and Exteriors of a Building:
    1. The paint helps in terms of enhancing the interior and exterior of a building by adding pigments, lightness or darkness, accordingly.
    1. Paints add the protective layer to the outer surface of the walls/ Building to protect them against the- Sunlight, Dampness, Dust, Weathering, etc.
  2. Ease of Cleaning:
  • Paint provides the ease of cleaning as per the nature of the paint and with the help of which you can maintain cleanable surfaces.
Paint roller
  • Protection:
  • Paints protect the man-made structure from the wind, rain, dust, and sun, etc.
  • Identification:
  • The most obvious reason to paint a wall is to identify the wall either by color code or maybe by the safety features as they do convey certain information most of the time.


  • Modify properties:
  • In these types of technique, paints can show some characteristics merely by changing the color or introducing some special effect by painting. For Ex- Fuel storage tanks and fuel tankers are invariably painted silver or white to reflect heat, military aircraft and vehicles are camouflaged by painting, etc.
Paint Brush

Painting Tools:

Before getting started with the process of painting we need to know a few concepts that can be crucial to the process- such as Why prime? How to prep walls for painting? What are some tools required for painting a wall? And what should you paint first?

  • Why Prime: It’s exciting to just grab a brush and roller to fresh paint the walls but it is crucial for us to prime the walls and there are a number of situations where priming is important and there are plenty of tools and techniques to use for interior painting projects.
  • So, why prime before painting, because it will always ensure good adhesion of the paint to the surface and think of it, is a magnet for your finished paint. And priming is usually used to cover dark colors to make it easier for the finish coat to hide better.
  • Adding some tint to the primer will even help the finish coat cover better, too. Priming provides the best possible adhesion and it allows the finish coat to dry to a uniform sheen.
  • You need to use a multipurpose primer such to get the best results.
Caulking Gun

How to prep a wall for painting:

Protecting and preparing are the core of preparing for the painting process as you don’t want to paint on your furniture and on your stuff and to do we must follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Clear the room- Get the furniture out of the area.
  • Cover the furniture
  • Protect your floor- use plastic sheets
  • Clean the walls
  • Repair the walls-For ex- use patch plus primer
  • Repair the wall imperfections
  • Replace outlet cover screws so you don’t misplace them

Painting tools:

  1. Painter’s 5 in 1 tool
  2. Gallon bucket
  3. 4 Inch roller
  4. Paint Brush
  5. 9 Inch Paint roller frame
  6. 9 Inch Roller Pan
  7. Caulking Gun
  8. Drop Cloth
  9. Extension pole
  10. Hand Masker

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