Terracotta Tiles, It’s Color and the installation process

Terracotta is a type of ceramic material which the potters usually use. Terracotta is often used to make pipes, sculptures and most importantly bricks. We can use it for building construction and we can use it as decorative art. You can make any form of tiles with the help of Terracotta clay and let it dry after giving it the desired shape for the finished look.

The best part about the terracotta clay is that you can make that clay at home because it is naturally for quality assurance. It can be made naturally at home and in a pocket-friendly manner:

1.The only problem with the terracotta is that it is very permeable naturally which means in simple terms that it can water and liquids can seep easily down into its core, which can cause stains permanently on it.

2. The literal meaning of Terracotta means “Baked Earth” as it is made of natural clay it is a brownish red-colored after hard-baked, the hand- made clay varies in color, texture, and appearance. It is a waterproof and sturdy material in nature.

Red and Brown Terracotta tiles


Ancient roots of Terracotta clay:

1.[su_highlight]Terracotta clay has been in use from the ancient times and it is time tested, so one of the famous ways it gets used is for floor tiles.

2. These tiles are pretty much cost-effective and because of that they often are the first choice of the business and homeowners.

3.The ones who want to create a beautiful and naturalist looking walkways, kitchens or maybe for a terrace.[/su_highlight]

There are many types of Ceramic tiles out there which you can use for garden and home, as terracotta tiles are usually used outdoors.

Terracotta Clay
  1. Only this way you will be able to create a long-lasting and stain-proof floor.

2.Because it can last for the long term if installed and placed effectively.

The Installation stages of Terracotta tiles:

  • Laying the tiles-Clean the dust and make sure to use the cement powder because it makes it stronger and leaves a space between tiles.
Terracotta tiles roof
  • Create a squared center point- Mark the center point of the wall in the floors where you would like to install your terracotta tiles. But you can only do that with the help of chalk and a measuring tape.
Terracotta tiles installation process
  • Begin placing the tiles: Use the thick-bed adhesive, apply it to the reverse side of a tile.
  • Place the tile on the floor so that the corner chalk lines intersect with each other.
  • Repeat the process and make sure to leave the distance between them but only with the help of a spacer.
  • Sealing the joints
  • Washing
  • Finishing
  • Protection
Floor Marking

Apply Presealer and Grout: After the adhesive, apply pre sealer and allow it to set up. Use a grout bag and mix it precisely but first start grouting per sections. So, Make sure to use the metal pipe to make a concave impression.


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