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Line tools- An Amazing Multipurpose Measuring Mobile App.

Change your Smart Phone into Multipurpose tool

LINE Tools is an easy multipurpose mobile app. It contains a set of various tools that will help you solve small problems. This app having a beautiful interface that uses the charming characters from LINE. Also, it is a trendy instant messaging service. Read more to know about this amazing mobile app.

About Line tools Mobile App

Line tools- Multipurpose mobile app
Line tools- Multipurpose mobile app

Line Tools are free mobile application programs and measuring tools for smartphones. This app contains around seventeen useful tools. The tools are divided into various categories. In the measurement category, you get options like a ruler, a protractor, a level, a compass, a sound level meter, and a decibel monitor. In addition, the Time tools include a stopwatch, a timer, and a Japanese calendar.

This app also includes a flashlight, a calculator, a Japanese calendar converter, a mirror, a magnifying glass. Even this app helps to calculate how much you should cook. Moreover, other useful tools like Scout, Mirror, Zoom Lens, Food Size, QR Barcode are available.


Also, this app helps to calculate the age. In addition, we can use this application to convert the units. Furthermore, we can find kilometer, centimeter, area, and speed.

More Details about this app

The sound level meter tool helps to analyze the noise level. The timer tool helps to set for cooking and other purposes. In addition, the flashlight is a very useful tool for most people. The protractor tools are very helpful for civil engineers and architects.

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This multipurpose mobile app is very useful for most of the people to take the measurement, to set timing, they can use as a torchlight and more purposes. Also, civil engineers and architects can use this amazing application. This superb mobile app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple store. Also, you can download this application apk file from its official website. Click here to download this useful mobile app now.


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