Know the 5 uses of Metal Floor Decking

With the recent changes in building rules, especially following the Grenfell Disaster, there is a need to rethink appareling and decking options for use in high-rise building projects.

Consequently, compound cover options have gone through an evolution, and there is an extensive variety to choose from. The metal floor decking is the most popular alternative to composite cover due to its fire blocking qualities. Its stretch, coupled with its durability, has contributed to the hype it is currently receiving. Here is everything you should know about metal floor cover.

What exactly is Metal Decking?

On roofs and floors, Metal decking is use for the construction. Metal decking mentions all types of steel sheeting that, together with concrete and steelwork, provide the basis for creating a flooring system or building a structure for roof construction. The decking of metal comes in two shapes, one is a dovetail and another one is trapezoidal. 

The uses of Metal Floor Decking :

Here are the five most useful uses of metal floor decking.

Working Platform Metal floor decking is a popular material for providing a working platform when a multi-story building is under construction. Wet cement cannot hold its weight or cannot be stabilize only by reinforced steel. Metal decking is lightweight and provides an inexpensive difference for the construction of balconies on high-rise developments.

Stronger Permanent Shuttering – Metal floor decking can be used for both temporary and permanent shields. Metal decks can remain in-situ as permanent shutters for cement casting and would form a strong bond cramming cement, metal, and cement. This compound structure of flooring provides a strong foundation to the whole building. This structure can resist heavier loads and pressure, making it a strong, more healthy option to slabs made entirely of cement. 

More uses :

Getting Less Thick Slabs – If floors are made customarily, i.e. from cement only, the width of the floor can be difficult to control. The metal floor decking is advantageous for providing lightweight slabs. The weight of cement itself can decrease the floor’s strength. However, if metal decking is added to the bottom, it adds to the floor and reduces the amount of material needed for construction. 

Improving Safety for Workers – As we all know construction sites can be dangerous places to work. If they are not carefully managed. To guarantee safety, metal floor decking allows the workers to work on a height, which provides them with a safer working platform. This improves the benefits level of safety for both laborers and the overall budget.

Wall Cladding and Roofing – Metal decks have benefits that can extend exceeding flooring. It mostly use for attractive walls and attractive roofs. They reduce the time of construction particularly and are easy to install. It can reduce the time limit which is need for the construction of the whole building. 

What are the benefits of Metal Decking?

Here are the benefits which are provided by metal decking:

  • Reduces construction cost
  • Discounts construction time
  • Improves construction quality
  • Easy to install
  • Minimal waste

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