World’s largest hydropower project – Three Gorges Dam

Find the world’s most strong dam. It’s so powerful and big that it is able to slow the earth’s rotation. The dam has 32 giant generators that operate since July 4, 2012. Making the world’s largest hydropower project, built on the Yangtze River in the Hubei Province, China. 

Know the dam details and its history:

Combine the dam’s 32 turbines with the two smaller generators (50 Mega Watt each). Cost 50 million dollars to power the plant itself, the total electric generating measurements of the dam is 22,500 Mega Watts. It constructs sufficient energy for 16 million people. The Three Gorges Dam has a maximum motion of 70,000 cubic meters per second of water, which is majestic. The mega-dam is designed to decrease the possibility of flooding. All over the current maximum rainfall season, as well as store and give out water while the dry periods. The water impounded in the reservoir can trigger earthquakes and landslides. China considers the project as monumental as well as a successful project, with the design and the art of large turbines, and a move with regard to limiting greenhouse gas release. 


To deflect the force of the water crashing down, the Chinese use technology similar to the Grand Coulee. As the water levels rise the engineers open a sequence of gates to drain the floodwater from the water body but if the water fell straight down it could undercut the substructure of the dams. So, the engineers fit the spillway with the concrete shoes, unlike the Grand Coulee ramp which is underwater the Three Gorger chutes hold the water into the air. Once the airborne, the water breaks up into small droplets and loses much of its destructive energy. It lands over a hundred meters downstream where it can’t do any damage. So now they open the spillway gates the Chinese have nothing to worry about. 

The construction:

Some Chinese and foreign engineers disagree about the project that a smaller and far-cheaper and less-difficult dams on the Yangtze tributaries can cause much the capacity of Three Gorges Dam and can control the flooding evenly fine. Because of these types of problems, the construction of the dam got delay for about 40 years. The construction began on December 14, 1994. The dam expected to get completed in the year 2009, but the further projects like the underground power plant with the six additional generators delayed the operation until the year 2012. The project cost 31 billion dollars. Whenever the dams reach the maximum capacity of the level, it affects the movement of the earth due to the moment of inertia. 


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