Biggest Construction Companies of the World

Here is the list of the 10 biggest companies in the world. Check it out.

10. Emcor:

Emcor group is a Fortune 500 company having around 33,000 employees in the year (2019) and the managing director. The company provides electrical construction, energy infrastructure, industrial and many more. The headquarters of Emcor Company is in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA and was founded in the year 1994. The CEO of the company is Anthony Guzzi. The estimated revenue of the company is about $8.8 Billion – $8.9 Billion. 

9.Fluor – Global Engineering and Construction Company:

Fluor Corporation is a global construction company that was founded in the year 1912 by the founder of the company, John Simon Fluor. The headquarters of the company is in Irving, Texas. It ranks 153 on the Fortune 500 list. It has over 40,000 employees. Revenue of $27.35 Billion in the year 2013. They came upon the list of the best construction company of the world by building oil refineries, gas industry, coal mining, and many more projects. 

8. Skanska:

Logo von Skanska

Skanska is the world prime project construction company founded in the year 1887 based in Stockholm, Sweden. The total income of the company is $20 Billion or more. The World Trade Centre is one of the famous projects of the Skanska company. There are more than 43,000 employees in the company. 

7. Ferrovial:

Ferrovial Company is a Spanish public limited international company founded in the year 1952, it was founded by Rafael Del Pino Y Moreno. It has more than 90,000 employees in the company. The company headquarters are in Madrid, Spain. 

6. China Communication Construction:

CCCC logo

China Communications Construction is a group that is based on mainland China. Founded in the year 2006. Around 1,00,000 employees work in the company. The chairman of the company is Zhou Jichang. The revenue of the company is over US$70 Billion. 


5.ACS Construction Group Ltd

Logo der Grupo ACS

ACS is a Spanish company founded in the year 1997. The net worth of the company is about US$861.61 Million. Headquarters of the company are in Madrid and the founder and chairman of the company are Florentino Perez. 

4. Hochtief Construction Company:

Hochtief is a German Construction Company founded in 1874. It constructed mega-projects like the new Athens International Airport and Germany’s first nuclear power plant. The company includes more than 70,000 employees. The net worth of the company is $466.51 Million. 

3. Bechtel:

Bechtel Corporation is the largest company of the USA which has more than 53,000 employees in the company. The company has worked on more than 25,000 projects in 159 countries. Founded in the year 1898 by Warren A. Bechtel. 

2. Bouygues:

Bouygues Construction Company has about 1,28,000 employees around 80 countries. The founder named Francis Bouygues and founded in the year 1952. The revenue of the company is about 36 Billion Euros. 


VINCI – France is the largest construction company over the world by having more than 2,00,000 employees working in their company over 100 countries. The company has involved the Panama Canal project which is one of the biggest projects in the world. The founder of the company is Alexandra Giros and Louis Loucheur. The revenue of the company is around 45 Billion Euros. 


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