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The software’s for civil engineers – The Most Important

It takes too much time and manpower to manually draft any design. Software these days has decrease tons of hours and hundreds of manpower put into the design and analysis of structures. 

Drafting Software

To start with any construction projects it requires basic drafting of the plans at its initial stages. AutoCAD is the software that is fulfilling the drafting because the world needs it. A wide range of industries uses it.

Design and Analysis

STAAD Pro by Bentley Systems, ETABS and SAP2000 by CSI, Tekla Structures by Tekla. The software which approves by many civil engineering professionals for Structural Design and Analysis. 

Planning and Management

Construction management and planning software such as Primavera and MS Project are very functional. Primavera is an ERP software and offers the best of its class solutions for planning, scheduling and managing huge projects. 

Modeling and Architecture

3D modeling, Animation, and Rendering 3DS Max and Maya both are spread by Autodesk. There is one for software which includes 3D modeling, interior design, and landscape architecture, its name is Google SketchUp. 


MX Road is another software that is also expanding by Bentley systems. Enable for 3D modeling and analysis of roads. Visit for efficient planning of urban transport infrastructure, Visit software develops, by the PTV group is in use. 


Geotechnical Engineering

Geoslope’s, Geostudio employs for analyzing slope stability, groundwater seepage, stress deformations. All other geotechnical related modeling and calculations. Another software that is in use is Geotechnical engineering is Plaxis. Because it is recently acquiring Bentley systems and Geo5 which is used for Excavation design, Shallow and deep foundation design.

Building Information Modeling

Collaboration between different functions relates to the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. Achieves by combining all the data with the help of Building Information Modelling. So, carrying out planning, construction, design, maintenance, and operations. Autodesk Revit and Tekla BIM are the tools that are use in Building Information Modelling. 

Surveying and Infrastructure Design

Autodesk Civil 3D, Autodesk Quantity Takeoff gets to use for infrastructure design and estimation. Arc GIS is very useful in Surveying. 

Mathematical Calculations and Analysis

For mathematical calculations, programming languages like MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) and Python are helpful. The other software like Mathcad is in more use. MS Excel is a versatile software used for almost all applications and sub-disciplines of Civil Engineering and Construction. MS Office should be there in every system before installing any other software. 


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