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What is Diamond Plate in Construction?

Diamond plate

Diamond plate

A diamond plate or deck plate is a type of floor plate with one side smooth and another side with textures or raised patterns. The patterns and their area can differ based on the design of the deck plate. The raised texture on the surface of the plate increases the rubbing between the foot and the plate surface, lessen the chance of slipping on the walking surface. 

Deck plates are made up of metals like stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, or steel. It is commonly used for stairs or floor areas that require increased grip. 

Manufacturing of Diamond Plates :

Diamond metal plates can be manufactured either by imprint or hot rolling methods. A union of heat and pressure is used in both methods. 

In the imprinting process, the metal is passed through a series of large rollers at room temperature. One of the rollers is even, and the other roller has a diamond pattern. The diamond pattern is engraved to one side of the metal by applying pressure. The stamping method is commonly used to make aluminum diamond plates.

In the hot-rolling method, the metal is light up-heated above its recrystallization temperature using an electronic thermal machine. After this step, the metal is passed through the rollers and cooled. The heating method helps stop flaws from occurring and is often performed to make steel diamond plates. 

Types of Diamond Plates :

Steel diamond plate :

Carbon steel diamond plates have high strength and are not more expensive in contrast to other diamond plate materials. It is commonly use in Industrial and Commercial applications like trailer floors, truck beds, stairs, ramps, and vehicle running boards.

Plastic diamond plate :

It is made out of plastic materials and is stain-proof and waterproof. It is made in the form of engaging sheets whose size of cutting can be built as per the requirements. They are obtainable in different sizes, styles, and finishes, making them a good choice for offices, gyms, and garages. 

Plastic diamond plates can be paint matching the exterior and interior. They can also be use as a wall panel option.

Aluminium diamond plate :

Aluminum diamond deck plate is use in parking lots, stairs, loading docks, boats, and many more. These plates are highly decaying resistant and easy to wash, that is why they are use in kitchens, walk-in refrigerators or freezers, and restrooms. 

Stainless Steel Diamond Plates :

Stainless steel diamond plate is one of the most expensive diamond plates. It is highly decaying waterproof and the best option for areas reveal to chemical and toxic industrial sewage. Stainless steel diamond plate has a bright finish and is use for decorative purposes.

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