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Materials Engineering and their Composites.

The processing, testing, discovering and designing of the matter which is mainly solids are known as Material Engineering. It’s about analyzing the structure, properties, processing and performance of the material and objects. The google says, if you change the structure, the material also changes. 

What does a Material Engineer need?

The Materials Engineers have to design the best material, which handles any type of condition. They are very important when it comes to cars. Let’s talk about something related to that.

Do you know that cars are design to crumple when they are in a crash?

They make that the accordion-like response and it saves lives. The cars get crumple to absorb the energy from the crash and they should have the right material and structure to do this. If the car is very durable and no harm is done in the accident. All the energy will get transfer to the driver. The frame of the cars may have harder metals at the top compared to the bottom. Because of how that will transfer energy from a crash away from a driver.


How a car will get impacted in a crash?

Its kind of expected because that is how engineers design them and a large part of this is picking the right matter with the right properties. The engineers deal with a lot of fractures and how part fails. 

Material engineers can make clothes that don’t smell bad after wearing them, tires that grip the road better, stronger tennis rackets, and more. 

UC Davis Materials Science and Engineering - Mason Research Group

Corrosion is one of the big fields for materials engineers. It is negative to metal, any pipes that carry some fluid will be subject to corrosion and need to be designed properly.  


Composites make up of two different materials from metals, ceramics, and polymers. Many technologies of today need certain properties that can’t be melt with normal. 

Metals – It comprises aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium, and many more. One of the most important topics in metal is heat treating.

Polymers – It includes cycle helmet, dice, pool balls, and many more. 

Ceramics – It includes a china cup, brick, dining glass, and more.


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