Laminate Wood Flooring and its types

Hardware floors are an attractive option for any home. They also expensive for the homeowners on a budget laminate wood flooring can be a great alternative. Its name laminate wood flooring isn’t actually wood, it does a really good job of looking like wood rather it is a synthetic flooring product that fuses several different materials together under high pressure known as Lamination.

Most laminated wood flooring comprises a wetness resistance layer of paste and fiberboard exceeds a natural wood flooring by a high-resolution photograph.

The photograph protects by hard clear cellulose coating which handles the normal foot traffic within a home. Laminate wood flooring is made to look like most traditional hardwood floors like oak, cherry, maple, birch, ash, and others at a much cheaper price.

If a type of hardware flooring exists there is likely a laminate counterpart that looks just like it. The most compelling reason why people approve laminate wood flooring is the price rosewood floors are not economical


Types of Laminate Wood Flooring:

  • Top Layer – It makes up with aluminum oxide which adds strengths and mill amine which protects the product from heat and stains. This layer also gives the product protection from abrading as well as dim resistance from sunlight.
  • Decor Layer – This is the layer of paper where the design of the flooring is print. Usually, this is the photograph of the wood or the stone that the laminate is replicating. In some laminates, the image is print straight on the board for a better finish.
  • High-Density Fiberboard – High-Density Fiberboard also known as HDF. This layer adds strength and stability to help prevent moisture from seeping through. This layer also carries the click systems. The thicker the HDF layer, the stronger the click system.
  • The Carrier – This is the final layer and it helps in support protects the laminate from condensation from below and so it stop the board from the twist.

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