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What is the Variation Between OPC and PPC?

OPC means “Ordinary Portland Cement” and PPC means ” Portland Pozzolana Cement “.In this article, we discuss both the cement differences. Read the article to know the full details.

About OPC

OPC Cement stands for ‘Ordinary Portland Cement’. It is manufactured by adding limestone and other raw argillaceous, calcareous materials and gypsum materials like argillaceous, calcareous, and gypsum.


It is available in three grades on the basis of its strength and durability, namely, OPC 33, OPC 43, OPC 53. These grades imply the maximum-minimum strength of the cement after 28 days.

This is the most widely and commonly used various type of cement in the world. This cement is used in the construction of Dams, Roads, High rise buildings, Flyovers, Bridges, Residential homes, etc., OPC Cement takes the lowest time to settle set and harden.


It can be manufactured on a large scale wherever there is the availability of minerals like limestone, due to the easy availability of raw materials an essential ingredient for the production of Portland cement. Its production costs are comparatively lower.

About PPC


PPC Cement stands for” Portland Pozzolana Cement”.Pozzolana is an auxiliary cementitious material used to improve the strength and durability of cement. A word pozzolana is a form of volcanic ash from the word ‘Pozzoluana’.

Volcanic ash is the first form of Pozzolana used in PPC cement, which also includes natural and artificial siliceous and aluminous materials such as clay, slag, silica fume, fly ash & Shale. Some of these materials are industrial surplus by-products waste residues produced from other processes but they and are perfect in producing PPC Cement.


Pozzolana as a material is an artificial material that possesses silica in its reactive form. Along with 20–35% of Pozzolanic materials, PPC majorly also contains portland OPC Clinker(65–70%) and Gypsum. 

Difference between OPC and PPC Cement

OPC is prepared from a mixture of limestone and raw argillaceous & calcareous materials and gypsum like argillaceous, calcareous, gypsum. PPC is prepared by adding Pozzolanic materials to OPC Cement. The initial strength of OPC is higher than PPC, but for a longer duration of time, the Strength of PPC is higher.

The final setting time of OPC Cement is comparatively lower than PPC Cement, which makes it effective for your construction. OPC generates more heat during hydration reactions making it unsuitable for mass casting. While PPC has a slow hydration process due to which heat generation is comparatively lower.

OPC Cement is less durable in aggressive weather as compared to PPC Cement. Cost-wise while comparing OPC and PPC, OPC Cement is costlier than PPC Cement, which makes PPC a better option for your residential constructions.

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