What is Roof? What are types of Roof Design?

The roof design is very vital for any construction project as it provides security and forms the core in designing the entire project.

The structure is construct in the way as an upper floor of all buildings, though the shape of its upper surface may be different types.

Roof design should be strong structurally stable and be capable of taking all types of loads likely to come over it. The covering through a wooden sheet, tiles, slates, and slab.

There are three types of Roof design:

Single Roof:

Rafters of a single roof is construct without any intermediate support. These designs employ when spanning has limits weight. There are many limitations of a single rafter, its use for only small spans.

Single Roof can describe as follows:

  • Couple
  • Collar
  • Close couple
  • Lean-to-Roaf


Double Roof:

The double roof is required intermediate support just because the rafters are such more length.

When the size is reducing the rafter’s space use intermediate supports called purling. Introduced under the rafters. Economically we can adopt 4 to 6 mm weight.

This intermediate support is a usual beam which is fix under rafter at pint halfway between the ridge and the wall plate. These types of beam are known as purling.

Trussed Roof

When span exceeds up to 6 mm and there are have no inside support of the wall for purlins and framed structure knows as truss on the roof, fixed of the cross wall, span, and material of truss.

Trusses take to carry the load of ridge piece and purling on which the common rafters’ are resting.

Usually, the trusses are use for spans more than 5 m in length which rolls truss beams are more suitable for such spans.

Following many different types of trusses roof design:

  • 1 King Post Truss
  • 2 Queen Post Truss
  • 3 Scissor Truss
  • 4 Howe Truss
  • 5  Quadrangular Trusses
  • 6 North Light Truss
  • 7  Fan Truss
  • 8 Parallel Chord Truss
  • 9 Pratt Truss
  • 10 Raised Heel Truss

A roof truss is a structure of one or multiple triangular units that include straight single slender members with the ends it gets connect via nodes which are designed purling under various conditions.


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