Types of portland cement and their uses

In a competitive world, the production or real estate business prices have gone high and availability of a cheap material is a real appreciation- one such option is Portland Cement. The ones aware of the stuff/ resources calls it a speck of dirt as it consists of a huge amount of soil. So,

What is Portland Cement?

It is a construction material and it is a blend of natural dirt/clay with a compress high density, and it is widely used for construction. In simpler terms, it is a blend of soil/clay, dirt and a high percentage of cement to construct the buildings or homes in a pocket-friendly manner. You can make it in your homes by mixing the clay, Dirt and clay by spraining some water ( careful not to make it too wet and not to swash)to create a smooth texture , in order to mix the clay just tap on the mixture in order to fix it and then you need to spray the water continuously on the mixture. There are few fixed steps to get the desired results with the clay. 

Uses of Portland Cement:

1. It can be of use as a low-cost pavement foundation for the highway, construction and garage areas.

2. Its existence cycle and power along with its little cost makes it superior in the erection field.

3. It is a narrow exterior varnish before the actual construction for the power base.

4. It is as well called the clay/dirt secure base.

5. You can assort it in a place.


Why use Portland Cement?

This is an efficient economical way of renovating the pavements. Because the stuff used in the mixture is so far in a place then it will reduce the handling and production costs. Most people misuse resources/stuff from gravel pits that can be used to make soil cement.

The Process Involved in the Portland cement:

1. Mixing 

2. Compacting

3. Curing

Advantages of Portland Cement:

1. Its performance is praised by engineers.

2. It is pocket-friendly.

3. It has a long life span with high power.

4. You can construct it easily and quickly.

5. This is a must used a method by the owners and the users alike.

6. The maintenance cost is less.

Disadvantages of Portland Cement:

1. It is yet to be adopted by India’s Architects and engineers.

2. It contains a small amount of cement as compared to ordinary Portland cement.

3. Not suitable for every kind of soil.

4. The quantity of water involved must be checked.

5. Proper guidance is, required.


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