The different types of Bricks for Houses.

Bricks are one of the first oldest materials to construct the building. Generally, there is the rectangular unit size of a regular brick for building and it is of clay. It is the most important tiny piece for construction works.

The history of it and the art of brick-making are very well by England in the sanctuary of 1914. It had been using by historical years. They employ it through hand shapes and sun-dried brick. Today technology is so fast-growing and finally, we can make it’s in a short time with good quality.

The following step and process manufacturing brick.

  • Preparation of clay
  • Molding
  • Drying
  • Burning

There are 5 common types of brick

1. Common Burnt Clay Bricks


It’s one of the old professionals of construction practices.

It is one of the oldest materials which are used in all construction in the building. The most durable there are walls and the houses thousands of years ago that are still intact.

The normal size shall be 190 mm X 90 mm X 90 mm and the standard size with cement mortar is 200 mm X100 mm X100 mm.

Burnt clay brick has the best quality and the most strength. and it can use for masonry walls, foundations, and columns.

2. Sand Lime Bricks

These are known as Calcium Silicate Bricks. It’s made by fly ash, mixing sand, and lime which is followed by a chemical process during the wet mixing. and then making to under pressure for forming the molded-in its shape.

Its made through occurs as the wet bricks dry under heat and pressure. Sand brick can add pigments for color.

These offer some benefits like less required of mortar material during the wall construct, easier straight to construction to straight and it does not effloresce salts and minerals.

3. Engineering Bricks

This concept explains as civil engineering terms like a fireclay, water absorption, damp proof, chemical resisting, and strong brick. It’s made by higher temperatures and it can be bearing the higher load of building construction.

4. Concrete Bricks

These are made of solid concrete. They will produce through sand, gravel, cement, and water. It can produce through manually and machine. And it can make color full and It’s very popular growing in among the homeowners.

There are different types of CB.

  • Solid, cellular and hollow blocks
  • Common and facing blocks
  • Normal and insulating blocks
  • Lined, quoin, cavity closure, and multipurpose cutting blocks

5. Fly Ash Clay Bricks

They produce through a byproduct of wast of coal-burn fire. The other raw material like thermal power which is a waste of product-by-product of pulverizing coal-fired in Thermal Power.

Fly ash is by the residue that is produced during the combustion of in particular coal and other fuel products. as well as fly ash is the non-combustible matter that consists of a small amount of carbon. it is the fine powered form of greyish and black colored.


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