TOP 10 constructions apps

Top 10 Constructions Mobile App

Construction is a surprisingly broad topic. From Construction materials to Construction Apps related technology, there is way too much information out there. People could also try to find construction apps for a spread of reasons. They may be executives or Third-line managers trying to find apps to enhance their productivity or make things easier. We’re not entirely sure what you’re looking for. Hence we have tried to list down as many apps below to help you find something that suits you best. Here are the best construction apps for Android!


ARuler is an augmented reality measurement app. It uses your phone camera and smart technology to measure live stuff. The app called “ARuler” features a ruler, a distance meter, angle measurements, area and perimeter measurements, volume, and even some planning features. Augmented reality is quite new. Thus, we don’t expect a full, complete experience. However, ARuler does better than most others during this space. It might be a handy tool for construction projects.


BUILD.COM construction app is quite just like the Amazon of construction apps. They are an outsized online retailer that focuses on that kind of an array of construction-related Apps that could help people. It’s mostly good for hobbyist construction projects around the home or yard. However, there are several similar apps available like this. Additionally, it has access to 16 total websites. You can probably find what you’re looking for. The app also features alerts for the drop in prices of optional assistants and many more. It’s not a bad place to start a home improvement project.




It’s a surprise how expensive the apps on Construction master is. However, they tend to work pretty well. These are mobile app versions of actual calculators that you simply can purchase in stores. The in-store variants usually cost north of $40. Thus, the prices aren’t so bad. You can do tons of calculations with these. Some of the functionality includes pipe length cuts, unit conversion, right angle and rafter calculations, jack rafters, stair layouts, and much, much more. You may need to buy a few of those to urge all the functions you would like. It’s still cheaper than buying the actual hardware.



We usually only recommend Evernote for larger businesses and executives’ exclusive use lately. Evernote allows you to make extremely detailed notes. Those notes are shareable to other people in real-time. That way you can quickly share information. You can scan things like blueprints, jot quick notes about concrete formulas or your various costs. It can do tons of stuff and can be shared with your workgroup. So there is no lag in communication or timelines. Anyone on the group can access these and can leave their comments or feedback. Evernote also includes syncing to almost any device ever, the power to line reminders, and more. It also has business features. It can get rather expensive, though.


FIELDWIRE- construction app

Fieldwire is one of the newer construction apps. It has a ton of features. Some of them include an idea viewer that works offline, OCR, support for Dropbox, and blueprint export to PDF. It also can keep track of blueprint version numbers. The app also can manage tasks, schedule due dates on projects, and even track manpower and price. It’s a decent all-in-one solution for construction apps. It can even upload photos to track progress. It’s also completely free to download and use. You may run into the occasional bug though.



Google Maps is one of the simplest construction apps far and away. This one isn’t so much for professionals, though. This is extremely useful for locating construction sites during your commute. You can then plan a way around it. Additionally, Maps features a ton of companies indexed just in case you’re trying to find a construction company to try to some work for you. It’s also completely free. It’s difficult to find things that aren’t great about this one.



Waze is another great app for commoners. It uses crowd-sourcing information to gather traffic information. It’s great for locating spots of construction that other apps may miss. It also includes an outsized library of turn-by-turn navigation voices, Android Auto support, and native Spotify support for those that use it. It’ll also show you where accidents, police, and other potential obstructions are so that you can course-correct accordingly.



Udemy is another video learning platform. It has a variety of construction courses that one could take. Some of their courses include construction site electrical system design, reinforced and prestressed concrete for construction managers, construction delay analysis, and lots of others. Most of the courses are fairly inexpensive and contains about twenty-four lectures. It’s an honest choice for brand spanking new or old professionals looking to feature to their knowledge.



YouTube is usually a pretty nice app. It has tons of content that covers tons of topics. That includes many how-tos and instructional videos regarding construction projects. You can find anything from replacing a restroom to paving a driveway. The pros probably don’t need that kind of help. However, the amateurs and the DIYer may find them useful. The base app and every one of the videos is free with some ads. You can remove ads and obtain other features if you purchase YouTube Red ($9.99 per month).



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