The structure design of bridge constructions

A bridge is a structure built to area a physical obstacle, It can be constructed on water, valley, or road, without closing the way underneath. The bridge constructed for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle. The bridge helps to reduce traffic and accidents, all bridge building designs are not similar, its different construction types of bridges.

There are six main types of bridge construction design.

1 Beam Bridge

The beam bridge is the most important tires of the bridge, Bridges can be used as a road, rail bridge, and pedestrian the beam bridge is made of steel, metal or concrete materials. The maintenance of a beam bridge is expensive because of the use of costly steel and concrete.

The weight is applied at either end to counteract the bending at the center. The beam must be strong in both compression and tension to resist twisting and bending under load, cross bracing generally used the center of the beam and use minimum web depth for higher the load-bearing capacity of the beams.

2 Truss Bridge


Truss bridges are kept strong by the structure. All beam members work together to carry out the load. The structural profile shows the calculated tensile and compressive forces, truss bridges are statically determinate. Their support forces are equal to the applied load.

There are many Common Truss Bridges like a pratt, parker, k-truss, howe, camelback, warren, fink, double intersection pratt, bowstring, Baltimore, double intersection warren, Waddell A truss, Pennsylvania, and lattice

3 Arch Bridge

An arch is described as a curved structural member spanning an opening and serving provide as a support for the loads above the entrance. arch bridges are conceived to stand permanent loads, while their performance under moving loads is less, requiring high flexural deck stiffness.

There are six types of Arch Bridge:

  • Two hinge arch
  • Tied arch
  • Langer arch
  • Lohse arch
  • Trussed arch

In order, arch bridges to work need to have a firm foundation to allow all the members to push back against each other. The arch needs to be within a thrust line to stay rigid supportive this can be found by hanging a chain off the gap then minding it, The arch bridge is very competitive with truss bridges in spans.

4 Suspension Bridge

The suspension bridge allows for the longest spans. The bed of the bridge can be continuous and is held up by cables stretched between pipes in the top bridge these cables are directly connected to the bridge deck. In the bottom bridge, they hang vertically off another cable supported by pipes.

Divide the uniformly distributed load into a sufficient number of segments and assign a force to simultaneously all segments. The main forces in a suspension bridge are tension in the main cables and compression in the pillars that will help to make a stronger bridge, this type of bridge can span 1000 to 8000 feet.

5 Cable-stayed Bridge

These are Seismic Effects and Wind Effects bridge

Cable-stayed bridges have technology and society in creating new forms emerged as the dominant structural system for a long span which are more towers, from which cables support the bridge deck and its run directly from the tower to end of the deck technology & society in creating new forms Understanding cable-stayed bridge form.

Basic components and types of cable-stayed bridge

  • Cable Arrangement Types  
  • Pylon Types
  • Deck Types
  • Substructure Types

The last 100 years suspension bridges have been at the popular forefront in all aspects of structural engineering, theoretical studies, construction and lifecycle management

6. Cantilever Bridge

A cantilever bridge is formed cantilevers, structures that project horizontally into space, supported on only one end.

There is the longest and popular cantilever bridge mention in below

  • Quebec Bridge in Quebec, Canada
  • Forth Bridge
  • Commodore Barry Bridge
  • Crescent City Connection 
  • Howrah Bridge
  • The Gramercy Bridge
  • The Governor Malcolm Wilson Tappan Zee Bridge
  • The Horace Wilkinson Bridge 

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