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Smart City: Explained by an Architect

Smart cities are the trend in this new era and firms like Google, Amazon, and Apple are investing their money in this project to provide their employees with the best facilities with more convenience.

But the question is does every single human being who works for these top forms likes the idea or what exactly is “Smart City”?


Why the firms want to invest their money and time in this project and what are the benefits of a smart city?
Well, smart cities consist of various facilities within a particular city which provides all the facilities.

The residents don’t even have to leave the city for anything as it provides almost all the facilities within the limited reach.

Services and features of a Smart City:

1. Citizen participation
2. E-Governance
3. Urban mobility
4. Solid waste management
5. Sanitation
6. Power supply
7. Water
8. It connectivity
9. Public transportation, etc.
In order to build a better smart city government or big companies collect the data and use the techniques of the Internet of things.

The government or firms has placed the cameras everywhere in the smart city and they can keep an eye on the illegal activities through it and take corrective measures accordingly.

For Ex- Singapore government has access to every single place of the country and with the help of which they understand the behaviors and preferences of their citizens.


· They can collect the data according to their analysis and they can take the actions as per the requirement of the country and with the help of this, they can form and execute a plan accordingly.
· The second example of the Smart city id Dubai where the government has taken a Smart Dubai initiative. In a smart city, you can use an App for the following services:

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  1. Track package, Track Visa Status, report a violation, Find ATM, book a Taxi, you can pay your Electric bill and you can also register your Vehicle with the help of it.
    · They consists of smart street lights/ Street lamps, they have parking sensors with the help of which they don’t have to waste time in finding a parking lot.
    · Features like garbage sensors make it more effective for daily use.
  2. There is a gazillion of ways with the help of which they can save and make their cities more effective and efficient.
  3. Use of Artificial intelligence and the latest technology.
  4. The government is helping the citizens by improving the quality of life with the help of the latest technology.
  5. · In these cities, the government doesn’t have a target market and they are officially focusing on the project.

These cities are better for future use rather than targeting a particular customer and focusing on fulfilling the needs of the same.
· A smart city goes hand in hand with a good democracy.


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