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Moving forward with the Design-Finding new solutions

A design is the portfolio of an Architect or Civil Engineer. The designs represent the solutions to the problems of their clients and create something meaningful for the end-users. If you ask Architect designers they’ll say they only want to move forward with their designs as it represents that the designer’s skills are up to date with the latest changes and technologies and he/she is able to cope up with the change and technology and they can function well with the technology.

Creating something new is all about exploring different and new materials and sustainable technology that can be transformed into important products. Designers have to challenge all the physical functionality and artistic visual expression and make it engaging to survive and make an impact with the help of their design.

Every architect wants to leave an impact and they are of two kinds:

1. It is the way we create or design for other people and solves their problems.

2. The second way is to design as per the industry standards and seek sustainable development by taking into consideration the planet and our world in which we have to live.

Architecture is a demanding world and to survive, one must push the boundaries and use the best material which is accessible at that point. One must be an outstanding craftsman but they should as well combine their interests with the way people are changing their way of living and are creating their own domestic design.


Nowadays designs are created for the individuals and they are all different an unique as the people. People don’t only want to create or live under the same old classic designs and want good craftsmanship, explore boundaries and pushing the evolution forward.

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To be a good designer one must explore and find new solutions and take inspiration from different sources. To be a good craftsman one must be good with the technical insights and should be able to handle challenges with the materials that are known and accessible toady.

Most people take inspiration from the previous famous and well-designed works and takes that into consideration to create something of their own. Every designer no matter in which field they are working in takes inspiration from one thing or another.

Most people focus on the organic shapes and graphical language of the design and they want the combination of simplicity and trends blended together for a mix fusion of a particular object.

Features of a great design:

1. It should have its own identity.
2. It should be made and must challenge the needs of functionality.
3. Must be flexible usability.
4. Challenge the aspects of the industry.
5. It must not consist of the limitations and should be well planned in terms of functionality, technicality, and usability.
6. Must inspire the artistry and the shape must express the solution.


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