Modern student housing: Raising the standards

Have you ever been to a student house or a hostel for students and most importantly have you ever visited an Indian hostel for students and if the answer to the above questions is “Yes” then you surely know that the student life is often characterized by humble accommodations, with low rent and with the low architectural quality of the house/building.

But the time is changing and the more efforts are taken by the government or society to raise the architectural quality of a student housing, but the question is “How to increase the standard quality of the student housing without raising the rent?”

Today people can take inspiration from anywhere as they have may option and with the help of the internet, one can explore anything possible if used accordingly. People often find traditional southern Chinese architecture very interesting and the humble designs and techniques are best for the dormitory of students as prominent circular shape is good for concentration.


Today people find designs with multiple purposes and often decides to invest in the modern plus traditional touch in the architecture front of the design as with the touch of technology and proper guidance you can create anything.

One professional architecture explained the design of the traditional Chinese architectural design for us-

Explained by a Professional Architect:

The circular shape allows a logical organization of the building: The dorm rooms are placed on the outside with the city views. The rooms and hallways are oriented towards the courtyard in the center of the dormitory.”

An ideal type of dormitory should consist of space or services like – Administration offices, meeting and study rooms, workshops, laundry rooms, mailroom, and the functions room. But, in order to give the calmness in students’ life, the paint color should be themed somewhere between dark and light.
The new feature should consist of the facility where the university campus should open towards the front of the university. So through this students can save a lot of time as well as a lot of money.

Features of student dormitory/ housing:

1. It should have good quality residence and balcony access.

2. As a result, it should consist of a good operational and maintenance costs.

3. Similarly, enough parking and storage spaces are required.

4. The colors should be youthful but not too colorful as a result.

5. The design shouldn’t be too conservative, In short, must consist of the expression of youthfulness and courage.

6. It should be on the outskirts of the city in order to make sure the noises and traffic aren’t disturbing the student’s activities.

7. In short pollution and noise pollution-free.

8. The design should consist of the inflow of daylight due to various reasons.


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