Long Span Structures Design

The long span building is unoccupied, there is column-free space which is greater than 100 feet for the variety of functions. Long-span space structures are light and efficient structures with new technologies and light-weight high-strength.

Where we can use long-span design:

     1 Where visibility of higher volume like auditorium and stadium, railway station, social function.

     2 Where work flexibility is important like exhibition and factories.

     3 Where large movable object for the house like aircraft hangars and tent.

Subject to bending and Funicular structures is a system of span structure

There are four long-span structures:

Cable Structures:

It is a simple load transferring mechanism where forces on the roof are first carried by the roof cladding and then transferred to the all sequence wise cables.

Tent Structures:


The tent span is easily transportable, lightweight and easily builds it, tent span structure generally use a material like plastic coated textile material and steel.

Pneumatic Structures:

There is a wide range of different pneumatic formwork systems. the pneumatic formwork and it makes subsequently the shape of like ice. As pressurizing additional ropes, the weight of the structure as compared to the area it covers is very less.

Through increase the inside air pressure not only the dead weight of the space envelope is balanced, but the member is stressed to a point where it can not indent by asymmetrical loading.

Arch Structures:

The arch span is a classic structural form. It resolves the vertical loading of a span into compression in its rib. Arch spam structure made by iron, glass, metal, plastic-coated textile material and steel.

Arch span covering large areas at stadium and auditorium.


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