Litracon – The Light Transparent Concrete

Litracon – The Light Transparent Concrete

Litracon Concrete or Transparent Concrete produce as the dormitory building blocks, this is done by implant similar fibers of glass or plastic in a complete concrete mixture. There is two primary substance use for making this concrete, one is concrete and the other is an optical fiber.

While making this, 96% of concrete and 4% of optical fiber employs. The color of this concrete is white, black or grey. While making this concrete, it is manufacture as to the regular concrete. These concrete glass fibers are spread throughout the aggregate and cement mixture. The density of the concrete is between 2100-2400 kg/cum and the thickness is between 25-500mm.

This concrete is currently more expensive than other concrete because of the monotonous producing process, it may get less expensive in the future. The study shows that Litracon Concrete can reduce electricity bills without compromising with the strength of the building. It will reduce the energy utilization of residential and industrial buildings. It can employ for the construction of green buildings since it will save energy and will produce an aesthetic vision to the building.


History of this concrete

The Litracon Concrete was evolving in the year 2001 by the well-known architect Aron Losonezi at the Technical University of Budapest. The concrete started to use in the year 2004, by the German company named Litracon Bt.  

How does Litracon work?

Due to implant light, the optical elements generally are optical fibers. Light is managing through the stone from one end to another. Working with natural light is to ensure that enough light is available. This results in a definite light design on the other surface, depending on the fiber structure. The principle can carry because glass fibers in the concrete act like the cut and transfer the light across.


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