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Layout and Design planning Apps for a room

What time/period do you want to live in? 18th Century? 19th Century? or the 21st Century- the Century of all the inventions and latest technology where the evolving Artificial intelligence is helping humankind. And the purpose of sharing their workload and make it easier for them to function and focus. It can also Layout and design the plan for Architects and it can also help the Doctors.

As a result, they can focus on the important tasks which are not repeated in nature. And it can be performed by anyone with even the slightest knowledge of the work after getting the instructions properly.

If someone is to ask me in which Century/ period I want to live in I will respond in the most obvious way which is the 21st Century without a doubt.

It is an era of better revolutions and not only in the area of IT but almost every single area as they all include the IT sector or a touch of it. There are a few areas/ sectors which are revolutionized with the touch of IT:

1. Architecture/ Civil Engineering
2. Engineering
3. Medical
4. Education Sector
5. Entertainment Sector


Architecture is an old sector and almost every single human being on the planet knows the importance of it. But sometimes the repetitive tasks in a field can make it a bit of a hurdle or a long-term process.

As a result, it can distract the employees and people often hesitate while choosing it as a career option. But with the help of technology, we have come a long way and in the future, we will go a lot ahead as well.

Today’s architects are different from the past ones and they want to take risks and they believe in “Impact”. Nowadays when we decide to renovate or remodel the house we don’t have to worry about every single detail.

Instead, we can take part in planning and design as well with the professionals and with the help of various tools it can consume less time as compared to practical planning.

In this article we are going to discuss a few apps with the help of which you can plan your renovation effectively and efficiently:

Layout and Designing Apps:

1.Magic plan:

The Magic plan is an App that is available for iOs and Android and it is a free app that helps the users to create a floor plan based on their photos.

Even the ones with the minima experience can use this app for creating a floor plan. It is only useful in terms of quickly planning layouts and it can lack in the interior details as it is specialized in the Layouts.
Download here

2. Room Scan Pro:

Room scan pro is a paid app and it can draw the floor plans itself. All you have to do is hold a phone up to a wall until it scans the circumference of a room.

Download here

3. Floor Plan Creator:

If you want to create a floor plan in 3D then this app is for you as it is free for Android users.

For example, it can create a detailed plan – Where the furniture will fit and details related to other dimensions of the room.

Download here

4. Room Creator:

Interior design apps are all interested and competitive as well, as there are a lot of options are out there which one to pick is an issue but if you want the details regarding Room dimensions, Patterns for the floor, what color should I paint on my walls, and straightforward interface then it is the best option for you at a free of cost.
Download here

5. Amikasa:

Now it the award-winning app comes into the picture and it is available for Ios and Android. The interesting feature of this app is that it allows users to create room layouts using furniture and home décor from the real brands and it has a walk-through mode with the help of which you can take a virtual tour of the newly designed/ created room.

Download here


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