Laminate Flooring- Get the Best for Less

The popularity of laminate flooring has risen steadily since its introduction to the world market about 25 years ago. The reasons are simple: laminate is cost-effective and durable. For less than half the cost of hardwood, you can have an attractive, long-wearing floor that stands up to heavy use. Installing cheap laminate flooring in your home is one way to add value without breaking the budget.

When it’s time to start shopping for budget-friendly laminate, here are a few tips that will help you get the best flooring for your money:


Everyone has seen the newspaper ads for cheap laminate flooring that offers super-low pricing per square foot. Before you run to the store, however, consider the quality of the flooring in relation to the price. If it’s super-cheap, odds are there’s a reason for it. Good quality laminate is heat and dent resistant, made with a dense inner core and layers of melamine resin. Cheaper versions are not as durable and will not wear well. Also, these ultra-cheap floors may need to be glued, which means that you may want to have it done by professionals. This adds to your total cost, making the cheap laminate flooring less of a bargain than it first appears to be.



Local and online retailers of cheap laminate flooring frequently run sales, and almost always have overruns and overstocks available for surprisingly low prices. When new product comes in, these places are eager to unload their current stock to make room for it, and will mark down good quality laminate just to unload it. This is a great way to get superior quality laminate flooring for a bargain price. Call your retailer to check on their current deals, or stop in to take a look at their discount section. It’s well worth the time if you can find what you are looking for at an affordable price.


One of the best ways to ensure that you get the best cheap laminate flooring for less is to know the difference between a good quality floor and one that is not so good. After all, if the floor you choose is cheap but will need replaced within five years, it’s not such a good deal. Good laminate is resistant to a number of wear factors because it is made with many layers of high-quality resin and a dense HDF (high density fibreboard) core. You should also know what grade of flooring is appropriate for your application. High traffic areas such as the kitchen or hallway require a stronger grade of flooring than a bedroom.

Laminate flooring does not have to be expensive to perform well. Cheap laminate flooring resists dents, heat, scratching and fading for years, and looks attractive as well. By knowing how to shop wisely, you can find good choices in laminate within your budget.


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