How to Build a Shed from Scratch.

In the era of flats and apartments, everyone faces the storage problems and are living a very minimal life. People prefer the apartments of flats in a large and advanced society where they can fulfill their societal and basic needs without going anywhere from society.

Who prefers Sheds:

The ones who prefer to live in the suburb usually are the ones who live in the house or big mansions. Now the question is who will prefer the sheds if the people who are living in a city prefer apartments.

The ones in the suburbs have their own houses or mansions where they have a lot of space and not necessarily required a Shed.

A shed is a wooden single roofed place for the parking, garden storage, to shelter animals or to use as a workshop for the children or for the adults.

You can call a shed an outhouse and the ones who like working alone and without any disturbance then the sheds are perfect places for them. In India, people don’t usually use the sheds and the concept is well known in Foreign countries.

How to use a Shed:

They use it for many effective purposes like storing their vehicles like bikes, or garden tools, etc.

It’s about the time people should start building a shed in India as well, in fact, some of the people have started building it in the urban areas because building a shed can be pretty much cheaper if designed and planned personally.

There are many alternative options are there on the internet world from where you can gather your resources and use them accordingly to build one for you as well.


Step by Step process:

  1. Basic homework: Before jump-starting into the shed making and investing your money in the process. You need to check and verify a few details regarding the Local Regulations, Design and Budget.
  2. Supplies and tools: You need to have access to professional tools and equipment. Because a purchasing option will be expensive for you.

Tools to Build a Shed:

  1. Circular saw
  2. Drill
  3. Farming Square
  4. Hammer
  5. Painting supplies
  6. Tapes
  7. Rubber mallet
  8. Pick mattock and shovel
  • Know how to use drill and screws: Knowing how to use a drill instead of a hammer can optimize your time in a more efficient manner.
  • Lay Foundation Blocks: In this step, you must use the planning and layout plans and install a strong foundation for the shed.
  • Pier Blocks and Risers: You must position your pier blocks by the caution that would hold the wooden risers. In order to know if you are doing it properly or not build the temporary frame.
  • Floor Frame: Place the boards carefully as you do not want to have a saggy floor.
  • Add the Exterior boards to double up the floor frame.
  • Floor joints: Join the frames together through the joist brackets.
  • Floorboards:  Joint the boards with the screws.
  • Trusses and the Magic Number: Shed is a simple structure and framing trusses for a structure like this, 22.5 is the ideal number.
  • Frame the end walls: Frame yours as per the requirement and the layout of the shed.
  • Framing Windows and Doors:  When it comes to doors and windows, you have a lot of options like you can reuse the old door or a window or you can build it.
  • Install Sidewall panels: This is a very crucial step as it requires a lot of concentration and accuracy.
  • Install the end walls: Like the side walls install the end walls in a precise manner without any mistakes.
  • Sidewall window: This will require a lot of measuring and marking skills. As you want to have a window in the middle.
  • Vents
  • Put up the walls
  • Put the last wall with space for a door.
  • Now its time for a roof:
  • And the final look You have installed a door in the last wall and you have your personal stuff to use now.
  • The finishing look is incomplete without painting the shed accordingly.
  • You can do roofing if you are using it for study or if you have enough budget for it.

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