How to become a successful Architect: A few useful tips

Have you ever thought what the life of an Architect really looks like and have you ever took this concept of getting to see what you will be getting into if you are planning to really get into the architecture and planning to become an architect? Well, we will be mentioning the 11 points with the help of which you can actually become a successful and happy architect.

1. Get started on your IDP career path:

  •  You can start by the IDP hours right after your school years to earn some extra points or experience and if you haven’t already got the exposure you can sign up for it.

2. As an Architect don’t start with the “OLD firms”:

  • What I meant by the old firms is that the youth us the future and the techniques and latest designs are only available at the firms which do focus on the latest techniques and designs and you wouldn’t want to start with wrong.
  • Old firms don’t provide the young to express and present their ideas and firms needs to embrace the ideas, energy and enthusiastic young people.


3.Networking – The key to Advancement for the Architects:

  • Be a Stalker- Get to know everyone in the Architecture community and allied fields.
  • Don’t underestimate the value of Architect’s membership and networking opportunities. ( Strong professional network)

4. Don’t take every client seriously and don’t mind the ones who think they know everything about Architecture:

  • Be patient with the over smart clients.
  • Be a professional.
  • Educate and show them multiple options to open up thinking.
  • Remember that you are the Architect here.

5. Don’t make rash decisions as an Architect:

The architectural world is way too small and every action will be remembered to be considerate.

Work for the best

6. Look out for the best in the Architects:

  • Make sure you are getting the right experience, right opportunities, and compensation for your work.
  • If you are not getting the right to express and present your work then move on.
Architectural blueprint plan design

7. Voice your opinions:

  • In order to take the actions, you must plan and mostly the best ideas never incorporated into projects unless they are heard, presented and defended.
  • Many Problems can be improved and if they find a problem simply point out an improved solution to decision-makers.
  • Improvement is always appreciated by principals and clients.
Design your own work for experience

8. You must design your career path by gaining a lot of experience:

  • All of us are unique with unique ideas and positions.
  • Be bold and courageous while taking decisions for your career.
  • Reflect upon your experience and skills and choose a path accordingly.
Differentiate yourself

9. Differentiate yourself from the rest:

  • Develop new skills and abilities while working with them.
  • Focus on the term how you are better and how can you get better.
  • Go out on your own and utilize the skill set you have.
AutoCAD file- Architecture technology

10. Technology is the key:

  • You must stay forefront with the technology.
  • Learn BIM and become proficient with the technology in school

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