Highway Engineering- The process and its Advantages

Highway Engineering is one of the specializations in Transportation Engineering. The Transportation Engineering is the concept of applying the latest technology and scientific methods to the planning, designing, Operational and managerial facilities in the transportation process in order to provide the safe, efficient and comfortable transportation facilities in a cost-effective and cost-efficient manner.

Transportation Engineering consists of three main functional areas:

  1. Highway Transportation
  2. Railway Transportation
  3. Airport and Harbor Transportation

In this article, we will elaborate on the concept of Highway Engineering which is divided into four main categories.

What is a Highway?
The highway is a road that is crucial in nature and it joins the cities and towns together to the main road beside it reduces the time and cost of transportation.

Highways are vital for any country and their people as they will provide the opportunity for people to come out of their places sand explore new opportunities as a result of Business and Education, etc.

Engineering: Engineering is a discipline with the help of which we design and build machines, structures and with the help of that equipment we design buildings, bridges, and roads, etc.

What is Highway Engineering: Highway Engineering is a concept of using the latest technology and scientific knowledge in order to create a great infrastructure.

Highway Engineering includes the planning, Organizing, Functional Designs, Operation and Management facilities to create the mode of transportation in order to provide the safest, convenient, economical and environmentally friendly as well as economic friendly facilities.


Planning phase:

  • Urban Planning Model
  • Technical Forecasting
  • Political Factors
  • Estimated Trip Generation
  • Trip Distribution – Where the traveler is going
  • Mode Choice- Mode of transportation
  • Route Assignment
  • Residential or Business Location

The transportation facilities:

Above all, transportation engineering, Primarily involves planning, designing, construction, maintenance, and operational activities of the Transportation facilities. Transportation engineering includes areas such as- (In the Highway and Urban Transportation)

  • Operational planning as a result of planning.
  • Before Implementing a Logistics management strategy.
  • Also, analyze network Analysis.
  • Afterward, create a financial and Budgeting plan.
  • Above all, analyze policies.

Steps in the Highway Engineering process:

By the way, make sure to select a particular area.
• Survey the area to understand the parameters, individuals and surface, and soil.
• Besides, create a plan accordingly such as Geometric Design.

Engineering Design
  • Geometric Design: GD is a branch of Computational Geometry, It deals with the construction and representation of free form curves, surfaces, and volumes because it is closely related to Geometric Modelling.
  • Core areas to focus on are Curve and Surface Modelling by using Polynomial, rational, piecewise polynomial methods.
Materials and equipment used in the process
  • Understand the Materials: Pavements, Materials, and Control of Quality.
  • So, before getting started with the process we must understand the basic principles of pavements management and techniques before starting the process.
  • Because it is vital for the process as a result of understanding the materials.
Traffic Engineering
  • Traffic engineering- It is stepping in which we use engineering techniques to achieve the safe and efficient movement of people and goods on roadways by following the rules and regulations.
  • It focuses on areas like research for safe and efficient traffic flow, Road geometry, Sidewalks and crosswalks, Cycling infrastructure, Traffic signs, Road signs, and traffic lights.
Pavements Layers
  • Designing of Pavements: An ideal pavements in highway engineering should meet the following requirements:
    • Sufficient thickness to distribute the wheel load stress to safe a value on the subgrade.

Advantages of Highway Engineering:

  1. Good transportation infrastructure
  2. Transportation and deliveries more reliable
  3. Social growth
  4. Reduced travel time
  5. Journeys faster and more reliable.

Disadvantages of Highway Engineering:

  1. Small room for error.
  2. Deadlines and obligations are there.
  3. The slowdown of the economy and volume of construction is also affected.

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