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Civil Engineering:

A civil engineer is who plans and oversees large construction projects, which includes the roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, bridges, dams, and systems for water supply and sewage treatment. 

Software Engineering:

A software designer is someone who is active in computer software development and applies engineering principles to create software. 


A biochemical engineer is someone who develops new chemical products that can be employed by a group of companies and individuals. 

Biomedical Engineering:

A Biomedical Engineering Laboratory

A biomedical designer is who surveys and designs solutions to issue in biology and medicine, with the improving goal of the class and success of the patient. 

Chemical Engineering:

A chemical designer is who impacts certain areas of the technology by approaching and designing processes for manufacturing, changing and transport materials. 

Computer Hardware:

A computer hardware engineer is the one who designs, researches, and tests computer equipment like chips, circuit boards and many more. 

Computer Systems Engineering:

A computer system designer which is also known as IT engineers merges their knowledge of engineering, computer science, and mathematical analysis which develop, test and personal computers, circuits and more. 


Electric Engineering:

An electrical designer is who designs and creates new electrical appliances, test equipment, and solves problems. 


An environmental designer is someone who uses the idea of designer, hydrology, biology, and chemistry to develop a compound to environmental problems. 

Nanotechnology Engineering:

A nanotechnology designer is someone who works around the smallest, incredible particles of science.  

Industrial Engineering:

An industrial engineer is someone who finds a way to remove waste in production processes. They conceive systematic ways to use workers, machines, information, materials, and energy to make a product or provide a service. 

Nuclear Engineering:

Nuclear designers deal with the application of nuclear energy in various types of variety like nuclear weapons, nuclear power plants, ready-active-waste disposal facilities, and more. 

Mechanical Engineering:

A mechanical designer is someone who designs, develops and tests automatic devices, also including engines, machines, and tools. 


Water designer is someone who deals with the condition to clean water, discarding of wastewater, sewage, and the elimination of flood damage. 

Aerospace Engineering:

An aerospace designer is someone who designs the spaceship, aircraft, satellites, systems for defense, and missiles. The aerospace designer is also known as aeronautical engineering.

Flight Engineering:

The flight designer is someone who is a member of the airplane in the crew. They are responsible for taking the responsibility that all the workers of the plane are in the proper working order or not. 

Marine Engineering:

A marine designer is someone who designs and tests all the offshore platforms. Who Also repairs the ship, boats, underwater craft, drilling equipment and many more. 

Mechatronics Engineering:

A mechatronics engineer is an engineer who works as a mechanical engineer with electric instruments, and real-time software engineering skills.

Mining and Geological Engineering:

A mining and geological engineer designs the pit for safe and systematic minerals removal such as coal, metals for utilities.  


Petroleum Engineering

A petroleum engineer, a mixture of change, study and growth. It also located reservoirs of natural gas and crude oil beneath the earth’s surface. The product determines by the worth of the time and the money for the company.  


The designs the robotic systems and also research the methods of manufacturing a cost-effective manner. They also can perform the duties that humans perform and are either unable or prefer not to complete. 


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