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Eco-Friendly Paints for Nontoxic Home



Transforming a space into a refuge requires healthy and thinking choices. Choices of Eco-friendly paints. The products that you choose to bring into our house make a collision on our quality of life whether you know it or not. It’s true for the clothes e wear, the air we breathe, and even the food we eat. 

Inside, the air which surrounds us nearly 80 % of the time is not always safe. Toxic interior paints are the culprits behind many common ailments which can affect us and our loved ones. And it also includes those furry four-legged family members. 

What makes a paint Eco-Friendly?

Describing a paint, finish, or glaze as eco-friendly means that it does not contain airborne chemicals. Or gases that will affect devastation on your health. These low-level toxic discharges are called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which drain out into the air and cause symptoms like headaches, visual, respiratory impairment, memory loss, and even dizziness. 

The EPA notes which the effects of VOCs are about two to five times higher indoors than outdoors, and if you are clearing paint during a home project, studies show that it can escalate up to 1,000 times higher. The good news is that you can be enterprising and clean up the air in the house with more than just a few besotted plants. 

Here are the 9 Paints :

More paints options :

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