Easiest materials to recycle – The Construction industry’s truth

When it comes to the consumption of the earth’s natural resources people point their fingers towards the Construction industry as they are responsible for about 70% of natural resources.

Many of the finite resources are extracted in huge quantities just to supply them in the markets as per the needs and requirements.


On top of that consruction sites waste an enormous amount of resources in the process of Construction, Demolition and remodeling. So, when compared to the total waste generated by the different areas the waste created by the construction industry represents the percentage of 70% alone.

The waste from the industry often ends up in the Landfills and dumps and creates a more chaotic situation. So if handled and taken care of properly we can use the raw material in a lot of useful ways and formats and can use them on the proper destinations and recycle them accordingly.

We can use that wasted recycled material in the process of renovating and maintaining the quality if the traditional buildings. The process of recycling is a lot easier nowadays with the help of technology and the process include three steps:

Steps in the Construction Industry:

1. Process of reusing discarded materials
2. To reintroduce them into the production cycle
3. To reduce the consumption of raw materials and decrease the total volume of the waste.

The proper use and the recycling process can create a lot of jobs for thousands of people in order to get started, one must plan the entire things with the help of professionals, For example,

Recycling process:

1. The separation and collection system is vital for the process to get started.
2. Divide the material into the categories to reduce the burden and confusion of a particular department. Such as- Concrete, stone, and mortar which comes into the Construction waste. Concerns woods, metal glass, plastic, and plaster comes into the second category.
3. In order to get the most out of the process, one must understand the materials and how to recycle and use them for various purposes.

Most common materials used in the construction process:

1. Steel- Steel is made from the combination of iron ore and coal, which is boiled in the blast furnace by recycling the scrap. The process of recycling the steel goes back at the time of the Roman Empire when people used the war’s instruments to make the new weapons. It is well known that we can use steel to create new objects as it can easily be transformed into new objects without any loss or wastage.

2. Concrete- Concrete recycling process reduces the production cost and one can save a lot in the overall cost of the production cost just by saving the concrete materials from the process. With the help of the latest technology in the Civil Engineering field, one can easily store and reuses the concrete wastage.

3. Wood- It is well known that wood can last more than 100 years and it is often said the old is gold when it comes to the wood so, the cheaper woods are easier to recycle and the expensive ones are the most commonly used for the production of the woodwork.

There are a lot of materials for reuse and which can be transformed into a better version with the help of proper processes and techniques. Most materials do have recycling options nowadays and we can reuse them for efficient results. It can also save the environment and protect a lot of problems from causing and it can as well generate a lot of job opportunities. The construction industry has a lot of opportunities and can save a lot, if planned and implemented properly.


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