Do you need smart living?- A brief overview

Are you someone you follow the trends and you keep up with the changes and advancements made in the field of your career/interest. When it comes to Architecture one must understand smart living and all the basic concepts of it to create something from the scratch and it is a field in which changes are taking place as the new architects want to explore all the options. They aren’t afraid of taking risks and if you want to create an impact then you follow up with “ Latest changes and advancements in the particular area” as with the help of technology people are touching the sky and there is no limit to what you can create as an Architect.

What is “hot” when it comes to Smart Living?

Some people often get confused with these two terms- What is it is like to be a modern human and what is it like to be a human?
Most people today want to live by an example and they want to lead a healthy life in which they want to have a healthy career and they want to take care of their family.


To do all such stuff they need to live a “smart life”. And to be exact about the Smart living one must try to live in the Co-Housing communities where they have shared cooking, shared running club and shared garden tools and baby clothes and for some reason, it will widen the thinking of an individual and it made living easier.

Most of the time when our behavioral patterns change it affects the way we live and function and to get the satisfaction one must need to feel the human touch as only work cannot make
Or fulfill all our requirements and at the end of the day we need more than “a place to live”.

To stay up to date you have to stay connected with various stakeholders, experts, specialists, users, municipalities and builders, as when you are in contact with the important people in your field you can develop a sense of what is trending an what is not with the help of various research and feedbacks. Development projects are important as you get a lot of input from them.


Every human being is different from one another an to reduce the gap of differences one must form a professional forum to discuss and share knowledge about what is going on in the field that we find interesting and with the help of so many different views we can tap almost every problem.

As an Architect, you have to create all sorts of fantastic solutions and it is interesting to adjust to these things as each project differs about local requirements, regulations, and financing. And most often these parameters are what decides what type of accommodation you get. The most important job of an Architect is to know how people live and the more you know the more you can advantage of the potential in each project.


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