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Distance Laser Measure-The Best mobile APP

The best app for Distance and Height measurement

Distance laser Measure is the best mobile app. It helps us to measure the distance and height of the room very perfectly. In this article, we discuss the uses of this application. Most commonly, this application is very useful for civil Engineers. Read more to know about this app.

Distance Laser Measure
Distance Laser Measure app


Firstly if we need to measure the distance or the height we use the measuring tape. In this modern world, everything came into our hands. By using our smartphone apps we can do the maximum of our works very simply.

In this article, you get the detail of one of the best app which helps us to measure the distance or the height. This type of apps is mostly useful for civil engineers. Also, that app will be useful for most of the people who need to measure the distance and the height of the house.


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About Distance Laser Measure app

This Distance laser measure app helps you to find out the length and height of the room. It is very easy to can measure the distance or height of any object by using this app.

In this app several units are available. Units like meter, centimeter, feet, inches, yard are given. Firstly select the height of the phone is being where you held. If you are in the standing position select 0.3 meters. Or if you are sitting on a chair then u select 1.1 meters.


Then aim at the floor in front of the object to measure the distance. Also, to measure the height of the object aim at the floor in front of the object and then press the lock icon which is available next to the distance field. Once you set these options then it will show the exact value of the length and height of the targeted object. Click this Download now link to download and use this app for free. You can download it from the Google Play Store.

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