Different Types of Cordless Drills For Construction

Cordless drill is one of the most significant tools for you if you are indulged in construction work or even if you have undertaken some home maintenance. A powerful cordless drill can perform a range of drilling tasks quite easily and conveniently. These power tools are available as battery powered types.

With some of the excellent features such as fast charging, ease of operations and perfect combination of power make them one of the most sought after drilling tools for both amateurs and professionals.


This is very handy and portable device which can be used for drilling holes quite easily in woods and various other materials. Some major and high quality drills are perfect for construction as well as for metalworking and woodworking.

The Cordless Drills are categorized in several other types such as Cordless Hammer Drills, Drill Drivers, Impact Drivers and Cordless Screwdrivers.



This is one of the most effective types of drilling tool which every homeowner should have. This type of drill has the ability to transform into a hammer drill with a flip of a switch. This enables you to drill holes in any sort of material such as brick, concrete or any other material. This exactly looks like a simple drilling machine which does not hammer but the price is a bit high as compare to the simpler one.


These are considered as one of the most efficient and must have drilling equipments. These are known for their high performance as well as for great features such as extraordinary light in weight and compact in size. As they are available with torque clutch, a varied range of applications are possible with this machine. The size of the equipment has become very compact and more powerful because of innovatively designed motor and powerful battery.


Cordless drill Impact Driver – is excellent equipment for driving several screws. The presence of this useful device has greatly influence the speed of your construction. But these are not meant for removing nuts and bolts and hence they should not be confused with the new impact drivers.

These high speed screwdrivers or cordless drill drivers are able to screw even the longest screw quite easily. These are best if you want to use them for sheet metal construction such as for installing tin roofs and for metal barn siding. These impact drivers are great when used in combination with drill drivers as they speed up the things to a great extent.


Cordless Screwdrivers – these are very small and compact and can easily fits into your pocket and hence they can be carried with great ease. They generally weigh around one pound or even less. The head of the equipment is bendable which enable them to work even in compact spaces.

These types of equipment are best for comparatively lighter tasks. Finding the most suitable and appropriate cordless drill is a bit daunting task and you need to take some stress for finding the best. These equipments should be selected according to the requirements and the applications where are used.


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