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Civil Engineering – Which are the different types of Engineering

Civil Engineering is one of the most important fields across the world. That includes buildings, bridges, roads, airports, drainage systems, dams, apartments,  and many more. Civil engineers are the key to experiments and innovations. Civil engineers deal with the natural and manmade built environment.


Construction Engineering deals with the construction of the airport, bridges, road networks, buildings, dams, harbor. The key step of construction is designing, planning, construction management, and estimation. Construction engineers are known as problem solvers. The most type of work materials and product represents the greatest proportion of construction value. 

Structural Engineering:


Structural engineering deals with durability, strength, the life of any existing structure or newly constructed structure.

Transportation Engineering in Civil Engineering:

Transportation planning becomes more multi-model and sensitive to the social cost of automobile use. Traffic clam has increased in the present stage. Transportation handles the construction design and planning of road networks and highways for easy access around the world.


Geotechnical deals with the behavior of ears material like an earthquake, soil liquefaction, landslides, rock falls, debris flow, and many others. In geotechnical projects begins with soil, rock, fault distribution and bad rich properties. At an early stage of construction, the first step is of soil testing for checking the penetration durability of soil and bearing capacity.

Water Resources in Civil Engineering:

The water resource is also known as hydraulic which deals with the construction of the bridge, channels, dams, canals, and leaves.

Environmental in Civil Engineering:

The main subjects of environmental include air pollution controls, water treatment methods, waste disposal, global warming, and public health. The environmental has a special role of having coordinate with technocrats and to make rapid advancement with eco-friendly techniques. 


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