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Creating and Designing a better future: For Aspiring Architects

Have you wonder why most of the people don’t even try to take Architect as their major in academics. Some of them don’t even know the difference between Civil Engineering and Architecture. Creating and encouraging young people to thrive and find success in life- isn’t a simple task to take and most of the people don’t want to take responsibility for anyone.

Design, Craftsmanship, and art can be a way to understand the behaviors. It can be a language and a way to for young people to express and establish themselves in the world today and we need people who know how to express themselves with the help of their original art and follow the path of organic artists who create something meaningful to solve the problems of the world.

Importance of creative skills for creating a better future:

Everyone needs help from one or the other. One must have the attitude of “Each one teaches one”. They should create something together as we must not underestimate the power of teamwork.

We must teach the craft skills of panting and craftsmanship to young people and encourage them to choose a creative way of life. In schools and colleges, we must have the skills that none of the students/participants have had any experience with. Everyone must be on the same level and must learn new skills while communicating with each other.


People should engage in creative activity from the beginning. It should be the part of their life and they must be a part of such a community with the help of which they can learn the practical use of their imagination.

For example – 3D painting requires a steady hand and a lot of precision. It demands a lot of concentration and discipline and physical strength. It is a great thing for students to learn and practice on a daily basis.

For a better future:

There a lot of reasons why and when you should contribute to the creative growth of other individuals. You don’t have to build a big corporation to do the same, but the smallest thing often leads to the biggest changes. You can understand the limitations of individuals with the help of these techniques, communities, and shapes. Their future with the help of the required help.

As we all know grabbing someone’s attention for a short period of time is an easy task. But to let them stick is often difficult for a task and to grab their attention and interest.

We must let them show how creative skills can be used in real projects. How they change and shape the nature of a particular thing. Take them out of the classroom and instruct them on how to do a particular thing and encourage them to make a lot of mistakes.


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