Difference in Highway Roads, Village Roads, and Rural Roads.

There are various types of Highways and Roads. The roadways include highway, city roads, village roads, and many more there are various types of Highways and Roads. The roadways include highway, city roads, village roads, and many more. The roads were categorized by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). 

National Highway:

National Highways are the roads that connect the cities, towns, ports, etc of the different states. The also connects the neighboring countries. National Highway has two-lane traffic at least 8m wide with at least 2m wide shoulders on each side. The longest NH is Australia’s Highway. It is about 14,500km. There are no U-turns provided in National Highway Roads. 

State Highway:

State Highways connects the important cities and district headquarters. They also connect the important cities to national highways. State Highway is maintained by the State Public Works department. The central government grants permission for the construction and development of these roads. States cannot upgrade State Highways to National Highways or conversely. According to the Guinness Book of World record, Pan-American Highway is the longest state highway. 

Major District Roads:


The roads within the district connecting market and production areas to the state or the National Highways or Railways Stations. The Major District Roads are classified by the Public Works Department (PWD). The other roads from National Highway and State Highway are Major District Roads. District roads are particular for every district. The Major District Roads (MDR) has the lower speed and the geometric design identification than for National Highway or State Highway.  Katy Freeway has a total of 26 lanes in some of the sections because it is the widest highway. 

Minor or Other District Road:

Other District Roads in the state are single lanes. These roads are reaper roads that serve the rural areas of agriculture production and provide them the outlets to the urban market centers. Other District Roads gets look after by the district authorities with the help of the state government departments. Other District Roads and Village Roads are grouped and termed as ‘Rural Area’. 

Village Roads:

The importance and the overall status of rural roads in different countries, including China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Kenya, and many more are studied. The road plays an important role in controlling the levels of strength and safety, particularly for the Village roads. The local district boards are responsible for the construction and maintenance of the Village roads. 


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