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Cam To Plan-An easy app to make room Plan

Easily make your room plan

Cam to plan is the best mobile app to make your house room plan using your smartphone. This app using Augmented reality so you get very accurate measurements. Read more to know more details about this app.


Most commonly, civil engineers, architects, and interior designers use a measuring tape to take the dimensions of the room in the house. It’s difficult to take the height of the wall usually. By using this app now you can easily measure the length and breadth of the room.

You can easily take the measurements using your smartphone camera by installing this app.very easy to use and it gives you accurate can export your data in PNG or DXF and manage your folders. Results you get in the plan format.


There is no need to kneel on the ground to take your measurements. This app is even simpler than a ruler or a laser range finder. It instantly calculates the area in square meters or square feet units. Also, it draws the plan of the room with all measured dimensions. One easy click you can share that plan by email, message or on social media.

More about cam to plan mobile app

Cam to Plan room plans
Cam to Plan room plans

You can simply select Metric or Imperial units. It measures distances horizontally and vertically.No need to remove the furniture from the room for measurements. This app automatically determines the point of intersection between the floor and the target point, even if it is behind a piece of furniture.

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This app analyses the images of the video and relies on visual details identified automatically on these images. Sometimes it may have difficulty with some types of floor tiles.


You wanna safely move while taking measurements to get closer to your target point, for maximum precision. This app will be useful for civil engineers, architects, and interior designers to make room drawings without using measuring tape. Also, it saves their time and it’s easy to use. Download Now.


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