Building Material a New Home Vs Buying an Existing Home

If you’re like many potential home buyers and looking for building material. You’re considering the pros and cons of building a replacement range in vs. buying an existing home. Nevertheless you’re working with a building contractor. They’re likely to means some things which may not be apparent about buying an existing home. If not, buyers beware – there are many things. Which you have to include together with your home purchase that you simply won’t have bargained for.

Here are the highest six belongings you should consider when building a replacement Home vs. buying an existing home:


There was a time where homes were built with lead paint, asbestos siding. and lots of other materials that are now considered toxic. While many homebuyers are conscious of the risks related to homes built before 1970, there are still risks to purchasing newer homes thanks to substandard materials and building practices. for instance , does one know the advantages of using cellulose insulation over fiberglass? does one know proper building practices to make sure the very best possible indoor air quality? presumably not, but your Maine building contractor should.



There are many features in old homes that aren’t up to current building materialcodes but pass inspections because they’re grandfathered in. for instance, stairways could also be too steep for youngsters or aging adults, kitchens and bathrooms might not be properly ventilated, and lots of other things. These issues range from minor to detrimental, but all affect the standard of life in your home and may add up to large renovation costs within the end of the day.


Because building material standards and practices have changed such a lot over the past several years, many homes that are even a couple of years old aren’t as energy efficient as new homes. on the average, energy costs on an Energy Star rated home are up to 30% but a standard home – that’s an annual savings of $800-$1200 per year!


While there’s a seller’s property disclosure to provide you with a warning to major defects with an existing home, what about all those minor (but incredibly annoying) things? you recognize, just like the faucet that features a slow drip, the doorway that sticks within the summer, and therefore the dozens of other “little things” which will add up to big headaches within the end of the day. Additionally, an older home comes with older systems and appliances that are not any longer under warranty, which are costly to exchange once they unexpectedly go.

5) Remodelling “The Money Pit:” Many buyers convince themselves they’re getting an excellent deal on a house and that they can make it their dream home with just a couple of minor renovations. the truth is that renovating may be a messy, time consuming process. While it’s certainly well worth the outcome, especially when updating a kitchen or bath or adding a garage, there’s tons to be said for having it the way you would like it from the get-go.

6) Not Your Style: When buying an existing home, it’s unlikely that you simply are getting to encounter a seller together with your exact interior design style. presumably the paint colors, fixtures, and window treatments will need updating or replacing to fit your needs. Why not have it your way from the beginning?

The bottom line is that while building isn’t the proper fit everyone, it’s an excellent solution for many home buyers. A reputable contractor/home builder can walk you thru the house building process and assist you decide if it’s right for you. to seek out a top quality home builder, visit their websites online. While there are many “deals” to be had within the existing home market, it’s important to require the above into consideration and realistically figure what you are going to be spending and what you are going to be getting into return. you would possibly be surprised – and not during a great way .

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