What is Bridge Construction Procedure?

The planning and construction of bridges have continually exercised a strong influence on the development of the Bridge construction industry. Numerous iron, concrete, and steel bridges are milestones in this development. Bridge construction is a very crucial procedure as it contains a lot of planning and implementation.

Some factors we should take care while construction of the bridge.

The decision-making of bridge body design.

The resident’s area affected by the construction.



A foundation is the main part of the construction bridge under the abutment and over the underlying soil or rock and river. The bridge has all loads transmitted by the foundation.

The bridge foundation is particularly critical because it will support the entire weight of the bridge and the traffic loads that it will carry because the foundation consists of drilled shafts, and each has a steel casing over concrete.

There are three common foundation types.

  •  Spread Footing
  •  Piling
  •  Drilled Shafts

Pier Construction:

There many factors that are affecting when selecting a pier type and configuration, as a result, the civil engineer should consider the bridge structure-wise content like bridge width, bridge depth, span lengths, width, and skew.

Superstructure Construction:

The superstructure is a part of the Construction bridge, and also includes Wall /Column Beam loading bearing and masonry.

Each side of the river will have this superstructure cast on site.

Segment Placement:

Segments are linking together by steel cables thread through because each segment links to the adjacent ones and full-length cables linking the entire array.

Spread Footings:

Determine the depth and location of all foundation element, concrete strength, steel grade, footing dimensions, structural loads and member sizes

No shoring required. Wide enough for workers outside of footing.

The Final Segment:

After all the segments are in place, the final gap between the assemble sides is cast in concrete, completing the central span.

Finishing Work:

When deck structure gets complete it is covered with a base layer and provide over, railings, paint, lighting, monitoring systems, and sculptural elements are assigned the final phase.


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