Bamboo – A Building Material.

More than a thousand species are there in the world. But there is one plant which stands above all the rest terms. Because of its speed of growth and that plant is bamboo. It is wide in usage from ancient times as a low-cost material for a house, bridges and many more. 

Bamboo is giant grass that grows like a telescope. The diameter of the bamboo decreases with the increasing size. But the thickness doesn’t change while growth. Because its an eco-friendly product. The height of the bamboo is 20-25m. The properties of bamboo are Tensile strength, shrinking, fire resistance and elasticity. 

Overall, skills use in normal fortify concrete building needs to be changed. Because when the bamboo gets used in the reinforcement. 

To content vibrational and storm needs of building codes, steel and reinforcement support groups used in a particular position bolted and decorate with bamboo lock covering. 


Many of the institutes and universities research the use of bamboo as a building material. There is the largest bamboo dome which is about 34 m in diameter. The dome which is approximately about 30 km of bamboo was used. Bamboo is resistance to the earthquake as it is high residual strength which absorbs the impacts. 

 The advantages of bamboo are:

  • A fast-growing element
  • It is Cheap
  • High pliability
  • Higher mechanical strength 
  • Sustainability 
  • Application as a pre-fabricated product 
  • Easy and fast application 
  • No adaption at the construction site
  • Reusability of beams and joints 
  • Available in a large amount 
  • Maximum utilization of mechanical properties

The disadvantages of bamboo are:

  • Bamboo requires protection 
  • Shrinks much more because it loses water.
  • It tends in opposition to insects and fungus attacks. 

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