Architecture industry- The fun facts to know

As we all know architecture is a long and tedious process which helps people and provides the shelter for those who are in need.

It the process they have the opportunity to show their one of a kind structural designs and even they have the opportunity implements their ideas into the plan and action.

Most often people confuse the Architectures as Builders and Carpenters or else they most often don’t know the difference between the two, as well as they confuse them with the engineers.
The two main areas to focus on the Architecture are as follows:
1. Mathematics
2. Creativity

Facts about the Architecture Industry:

1. The architecture industry is the most expensive industry and the most expensive buildings costs at least 15 Billion dollars to make it.

2. The most expensive building in the world is The Abraj Al Bait, Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

3. It is Government-owned complex, it is widely known as the towers of God.


3. Millennials are the key people in Architecture:

Millennials are changing the way architecture is done as they are well aware of the technology and the Architectural concepts and with the help of both the concepts they can get the desired results.

They have a goal in mind with the help of which they want to differentiate themselves and they don’t want to follow the traditional way of doing it.

They implement their sophisticated style and creativity in the process and instead of creating a traditional building they are creating an experience rather than just a building. Architects nowadays take risks and function accordingly without being afraid.

4. The industry is cutting the Middle man:

In every single industry, we have a middleman, for example, We have Supply Chain managers, Vendors or other material suppliers, etc.

Having a middle man in between the process that consumes a lot of time and most often they try to fix the process or the situation in order to gain more money.

5. The world has more Architecture jobs than a dentist or a museum staff:

If are keen to earn a lot of money with the fame then you’ll have to search for a job in the big countries who are the hub of the construction at the moment such as- Dubai, China or US/UK.

6. Architecture is a 300 Billion dollar industry:

Innovation, Good economic conditions, and technology is the key in today’s market and the desire to do something different and new with the help of latest technology.

7. All architects are not well paid:

It is often said that the Architects are all well paid but that is not true as it is only a contrary belief and even in this field the salary and compensation are totally depending on the skill set and the overall experience of the individual.

In fact this a very competitive world and you cannot ignore the fact that you have to come up with the best ideas and the best options in order to get the desired results and salary.

Some people think that it is a very interesting field but most of the fun goes to Interior design, Materials supply, etc.

In this industry, you have to learn continuously learn and grow with the latest trends.

Zaha Hadid- the most famous female Architect

8. The gender gap is really steep in this industry:

  • Only 2% of the women’s are in this industry and the salary paid to them is less as compared to the men architects.
  • We have a less number of females in this sector as it required a lot of responsibilities and commitments.
  • One of the late working hours can be a reason of less interest.

9. The latest trend in architecture is to build their own modern cities:

More companies are building their own cities. For ex-Google, Facebook and Amazon are the companies that started this trend. These cities offer modern housing, office buildings, gyms and supermarkets for the convenience of their employees.

10. Most architect buildings generate more revenue from tourists than their office or living spaces.

Before starting a career in this competitive world one must understand the process and the entire concept of that particular field.

As that is the only way you can be happy and successful at the same time.

Being productive in the workplace has everything to do with the self-satisfaction. As only then you will be able to perform the best you can.


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