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Apartment Design Guideline For Civil Engineer

Apartments have become a common form of dwelling multifamily residence, the apartment designs have to meet the reconciliation needs of an assortment of household types with different sizes and numerous floors. The apartment building is a concept of arranging the joint family in a single building and small space.

Following are the different types of an apartment building design:

Row apartment design:

Row apartments are well suited to both urban and semi-urban substances. They can arrange and share some common access parking area and open space to walk and sit and have fun.

Tower or High rise Apartment Design:


Tower apartments are generally suited for the population of the district and urban area. The towers building area freestanding with single blocks and it is normally more than 10 story building. We have to be aware of the building which reflects circumstances contemplation like an overshadowing, wind and optical impacts on high-rise buildings. The articulation of the space forming the apartments and their incidental arrangements for weather protection.

Commercial and shop top housing apartment design:

Shop top apartments are a combination of commercial and residential buildings, along with the main streets or close to public transport hubs.

Shop top apartments generally are up to 4 story buildings and it’s also a residential area to the nearest retail and commercial area.

Perimeter block apartment:

A perimeter block apartment is a basic, but critical building component of settlement housing design. Perimeter block housing refers to multiple dwellings formed by perimeter blocks. It can bring pedestrians dynamic urban spaces experience. It arranges multiple cores depending on the apartment building length.

Narrow infill apartment design:

Think carefully and manage how the development of a new building will be fit into the neighborhood. The Privacy impacts alongside and rear boundaries to neighboring properties won’t be disturbed.

Courtyard apartment design:

A medium-sized to a large-sized structure consisting of multiple courtyards. They have their individual entry.


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