Analysis of Concrete Formwork Failures and Effectiveness

The formwork system in the construction industry plays a major role in the construction of cast in situ reinforced concrete structures. It should be light in weight, There various types of components in the formwork system are lifecycle and operation. The various formwork systems available in the market rather than conventional formwork systems are slip formwork, climbing formwork, insulated formwork, reusable plastic formwork, etc.

Types of Formworks:

1.Concrete steel formwork

2.Concrete wooden formwork

Concrete Formwork Failures due to the dislocation of props also due to the careless movement of labor having access below the formwork of slab or beam. So, failures in the concrete formwork system overloading lead to increase the construction manpower, costing, and also time.

The building construction concrete requires a framework for support because the engineer’s concrete structure requires supporting loads such as construction materials, workers, fresh concrete, various impacts, and some equipment.


Partial Conclusions:

1. Failure due to improper site supervision also working planning of shuttering, centering, concreting and staging activity.

2. High shoring is more susceptible to failure and also when not diagonally braced in a proper.

3. Shock and vibration from the use of duckboard runways must be control earlier.

 4. The lateral force from power buggies must be provided besides design and details.

 5. Details that is that difficult to disclose, such as the overhand driving to connect flat cap plates of a shore to an unloaded wood joist, will often not be properly performed and maybe starting a failure.

 6. It should be stiff enough against its deflection, buckling under load and Its contact surface should be uniform.

7. The wedging of posts to balance load compression can be done under proper supervision so that a previously properly assemble form support is not disrupted.

8. Some degree of skill labor is employed or at least the entire work should be under strict and constant supervision by skilled foremen, architects or engineers.

9. Lack of control on concrete framework placement failure to regulate properly the rate and order of placing concrete on produce unbalanced loadings and consequent failures of formwork, uncontrolled acceleration of formwork removal or improper stripping the time and procedure by which soffit formwork of beams and slabs can be struck can be carefully control.


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