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Air Pollution – Causes, Effects and Steps to reduce it.

Air pollution is a major public health issue in today’s life. Let’s know more about it.

Air pollution occurs when the air gets pollutes with any physical and material or biological agents. It is the world’s largest climate issue leading to millions of deaths around the world. People who are most unsafe include elderly children and people with chronic lung or heart disease. Outdoor air pollution is polluted by natural or human sources. Natural sources of air include pollen, bush fires or dust from the deserts. Pollution of the air from human sources is also known as anthropogenic. It is mainly due to industries and the burning of fossil fuels and Motor Vehicles. Burning of fossil fuels to produce the energy they release greenhouse gas in the air.

The discharge of such gases like carbon dioxide, methane, fluorinated gasses, and nitrous oxide. Catches heat from the sun in the earth’s atmosphere. Major reasons for the rise in global temperatures. This is where pollution creates a cycle where it contributes to climate change. Climate change increases smoke because it forms in the heat pressure of high heat and increases the level of ultraviolet radiation. More frequent extreme weather, like flooding, contributes to damp conditions. Smoke is a type of air pollution, that reduces visibility and has serious health effects. Smoke is a divide into two categories, sulfurous and photochemical. Sulfurous smoke is made up of chemical compounds that are known as suffer oxides. It occurs when burning surfer baring fossil fuels such as coal.  

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Causes of Air Pollution:

  1. Rapid mechanisation.
  2. Fast urbanization.
  3. Quick growth in population.
  4. Growth of vehicles on roads.
  5. Burning of Fossil Fuel.
  6. Volcanic Eruption.
  7. Forest fires.
  8. Deforestation.

Effects of Air Pollution:

  1. Heart and respiratory problems.
  2. Global Warming.
  3. Acid Rain.
  4. Effects on Wildlife.
  5. Expending of Ozone Layer.

Steps to reduce Air Pollution:

  1. Conserve energy.
  2. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
  3. Use energy-efficient devices.
  4. Afforestation should be done.
  5. The release of dangerous gasses from industries should stop.

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