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A Useful Guide To Choosing A Garden Building

Framing – The thickness and the amount of framing used to build your garden building is important as this creates the structure. Small buildings up to 8ft x 6ft should use a framing of no less than 38m x 38mm and the spacing of the framing should be no more than 24inches. buildings over 8ft by 6ft should use a framing of no less than 50mm x 50mm and again the spacing should be no more than 24 inches.

Cladding for garden building

Cladding – The cladding forms the walls of your garden building. There are three common types of cladding used on garden buildings.



Featheredge – This type of cladding is usually rough sawn and is over-laid creating a rustic look.


Plan of this type of cladding has a tongue & groove so that the cladding interlocks together creating a watertight seal. Shiplap cladding comes in many thicknesses. Cheap inferior buildings use cladding as thin as 8 mm. As a rule of thumb the cladding should be no less than 16mm thick.


This type of cladding is planned a rounded to create a log cabin style effect. The Thickness of cladding is usually 22mm upwards.

Floors of garden building

Floors- The floor of your garden building is also important so be sure to check what materials you use and for floor construction. A quality building will use tgv timber cladding and framing spaced every 12 inches. Cheap inferior buildings use chipboard or osb board and little framing. This should be avoided as the floors will not withstand much weight and are unlikely to last for any length of time.

Roofs for your garden building

Roofs – The roof is probably one of the most important parts you should pay attention to when choosing your garden building. There are a number of considerations. Firstly a quality garden building will have a strong well constructed roof using heavy duty framing and TGV solid timber cladding and will have a series of trusses to avoid future sagging, the roof finish will usually be of a heavy duty polyester based felt or Felt shingle roof tiles.

Cheap garden buildings usually use thin framing and chipboard or osb board, they don’t usually have trusses and they use a cheap paper based felt roof. If you want your building to last and you don’t want problems with sagging roofs and leaks then you should avoid buildings using these methods.


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