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2020 Top 6 Useful Measuring Mobile App

No need measuring tape,Use your Mobile phone for measure

Commonly we use measuring tape to find out the distance, area, and Height. In this advanced world, everything came into the compact. So that, no need to carry measuring tape in your hand. Use your smartphone to measure any type of object. In this article, we provided the details of the 2020 Top 6 Useful Measuring Mobile App. Read more to know the details.

1)AR Ruler, The Best Mobile App

AR Ruler, Measuring Mobile App
AR Ruler, Measuring Mobile App

The AR Ruler is the best measuring mobile app, which helps you to measure all types of 3D objects, distance, height, etc. It uses advanced Augmented Reality technology. So, you get the exact measurements while measuring any objects.

Some of the available features are line, height, volume, perimeter, distance, and Angle. It auto-detect the objects, also it is very easy to use. This app helps to calculate the area and perimeter automatically. It also helps to measures cylindrical shapes. Use additional mode option to measure the volumes with an arbitrary shape base. Also, You can find out the vertical dimensions by using the height tool. By using this app you can make the room plan too.


It is easy to measure the path distance by using this application. The angle tool option helps to measure the corners of the 3D plan. It allows you to tape measure the linear sizes in cm, m, mm, inches, feet, and yard. It generates the plan projection for drawn objects and exports it to PDF format. Measure small objects directly on the smartphone’s screen. Download Now.

2) AR Plan 3D Ruler App

    AR Plan 3D Ruler App
AR Plan 3D Ruler App

The AR plan 3D Ruler is the great mobile app which helps to measure for a 2D and 3D floor plans. This application uses augmented reality for quick room measurement. It allows us to lay a virtual tape measure ruler on a real-world surface. Also, it creates the measurement process and 3D floor plan creation much easier and faster.

Firstly, this app helps to make the measurement of the perimeter and height of the room in Metric or Imperial units. The commonly available units are cm, m, mm ruler app, inch ruler app, feet, yard. It helps you to measure doors and windows dimensions very easily.


Very Easily you can create the floor plan with the exact dimension by using this application. Also, there is an option to share floor plan measurements via email, message, social network, etc. It is very simple and easy to measure perimeter and height in this app. In this application, you get the professional PDF report with clear details of ur measurement and floor plans. Download Now.

3) Magic plan- 2D/3D floor plans

Magic plan- 2D/3D floor plans
Magic plan- 2D/3D floor plans

The magic plan is the mobile app you can easily draw floor plans. Firstly you Connect a laser distance meter via Bluetooth. It is easy to edit the floor plan very easily. Thousands of house objects like furniture, plumbing materials, electrical materials, etc are available in this can place those objects and make your floor plan wonderful.

By using this app you can Estimate the materials and costs with customized price lists. Backup and cloud options are also available in this app. There is an option to manage your team on the cloud. Also, you get statistics like distance, surroundings, and surfaces automatically.


This app will be more useful for civil engineers, architects, and interior designers. Also, the people who planning to renovate their house, the office can use this app. It is very easy and flexible to use. This application supports all types of Android and Apple iPhone products. you get this app in Google play store or in the Apple app store. Download Now.

4)Measure- The Best Mobile app by Google.

The Measure is the mobile app that helps to take the length and height of any object on a flat surface. This app was created by Google LLC. This app helps you to take quick measurements. you can measure your house or office very easily. Also, you can measure an object like the length and height of tables, chairs, doors, and windows, etc.

Just focus on the object in which you want to take the measurement and set the units you required. After that, you will get the exact accurate measurement of that focused object. This app helps to save your work time also, it is very easy to use.


In this app is you can also take a photo of your measurement. It helps you to note your measurements. Also, you can copy the measurements in the clipboard. Just move your phone around the space to find the flat surface such as a tabletop or the floor. And then point it and tap to start your measurement, also adjust it accordingly. Download Now.

5) Cam to Plan, Mobile App

Cam to plan is the best mobile app to make your house room plan by using your mobile phone very simple. This app uses Augmented reality so that you get very accurate measurements. This app is very easy to use and it gives you accurate measurement can export your data in the format of PNG or DXF.

It is simpler than a ruler or a laser range finder. It instantly calculates the area in square meters or in the square feet units. Also, it draws the plan of the room with all accurately measured dimensions. With one easy click you can share that plan by email, message, or on any social media. Download Now.

6)Distance Laser Measure-The Best mobile APP

The Distance laser Measure is the best mobile app that helps us to measure the distance and height of the room very perfectly. In this app several units are available. Units like meter, centimeter, feet, inches, yard are available. Select the height of the phone is being where you held. If you are in the standing position select 0.3 meters. Or if you are sitting on a chair then u select the option 1.1 meters.

Then aim at the floor in front of the object to measure the distance which you need to measure. To measure the height of the object aim at the floor in front of the object and then press the lock icon which is available next to the distance field. After you set these options then it will show the exact value of the length and height of the targeted object. Download Now.


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